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Njp to Zuluk car fare

Zuluk is a beautiful place situated on the lower Himalayas in the Eastern part of Sikkim. The place offers some charming destinations that people come to witness from different parts of the country and beyond. Elevated at about 10,100ft, Zuluk was a part of the significant Silk Route. Silk Route was used for business and trading purposes.

NJP To Zuluk Is Now Possible With Affordable Car Fare

The scenic Zuluk is a place that comprises astonishing landscapes that include snowy hilltops, lakes, spiritually significant locations and several sporting activities throughout the place. The weather remains pleasant and this place can be visited throughout the year. If you are planning to visit this place, Jayanti Travels has got your back. We offer suitable car rental facilities for an effortless experience and the NJP to Zuluk car fare is affordable from our side which you can easily bear. We provide you with all the necessary arrangements for making your journey a well-constructed one.

Njp to Zuluk car fare

Notable places to visit in Zuluk

Sikkim is a state that offers multiple mesmerizing travel destinations for people to witness. Among them, one such gem is Zuluk. This little town is filled with several locations that you cannot afford to miss whilst visiting Sikkim on your next trip. Here, we have discussed some of the places that should be at the top of your itinerary –

  • Thambi View Point : It is arguably the most popular destination in Zuluk to visit. The place attracts tourists because of its picturesque offering of Mount Kanchenjunga. The charming snowflakes at the top of the hilltop are a sight to behold. The place offers a sensational view of the sunrise. Situated at about 11,200ft, Thambi View Point is a place that is famous for its different stories related to the ‘Yeti’, ‘Bonzhakri’ etc.
  • Lungthung : Another place that offers spectacular views of Mount Kanchenjunga. Situated at an elevation of about 13,000ft, you will witness several tea estates in Lungthung. The place offers several forests, wildlife etc. Some of the notable places that you should visit while in Lungthung are Elephant Lake Viewpoint, Nathang Valley Viewpoint, Nathula Pass etc.
  • Nathang Valley : The place is mostly popular among adventure enthusiasts because it offers various sporting activities. Situated at hooping 13500ft, Nathang Valley is a place where you need proper arrangements if you plan for a night stay. Activities like skiing are massively popular due to the heavy rainfall in the winters.
  • Kupup Lake :Kupup Lake, also known as the Elephant Lake is one of the destinations that attract a ton of tourists while visiting Zuluk. The lake is considered the highest water polo lake in the world and due to which a place is a notable place throughout the world. Apart from these, places like Menmecho Lake, Harbhajan Singh Temple, Tukla are some other popular destinations to visit in Zuluk.
Notable places to visit in Zuluk

Once in a while, it is necessary to explore new things in new places to refresh your minds. Away from all the hassle in your daily lives, you should gift yourself the opportunity of visiting scintillating places. Zuluk is such one place that you should have a visit. You should look for the best agency that offers the ideal NJP to Zuluk car fare.

You should look for every opportunity where you can save your money without compromising your fun and security. With Jayanti Travels, we assure you about security measures along with an experienced driver and make sure you witness most of the notable places in Zuluk.