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Sikkim is a fine amalgam of the best natural and historical places that will fill your holiday with adventures, laughs, and overall enjoyment. One of the best places in Sikkim is Zuluk which offers a wonderful look into the natural landscape of Sikkim. The place provides a traveler with beautiful perspectives on snow-clad mountains and lush greeneries.

If these descriptions have gotten you excited, then we understand you and if you wish to explore this place, we are more than happy to comply with you. Jayanti Travels provides you the lowest NJP to Zuluk car fare to help you visit this beautiful site at really affordable rates.


An Overview Of Zuluk

Zuluk is a very quaint and lovely destination that offers travelers a chance to enjoy nature and the rich culture of Sikkim. With wonderful views of the snow-capped mountains, lush green forests, and thick woodlands, you will feel the vibrant touch of nature more prominently. You can also sit on the banks of the sparkling rivers and gurgling streams which will make you appreciate the beauty of the place even more.

Since Zuluk is a virgin destination (that means the place does not see many tourist crowds even during the tourist seasons), you can easily find the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle and can find the opportunity to escape into a land of peace and tranquil. The place is also filled with amicable and hospitable people who will indulge you in peak hospitality and to experience that you must contact us for the lowest njp to Zulukcar fare

Why Should You Choose Our Car Rental Service?

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  • Experienced Drivers : The roads leading up to Zuluk can be very treacherous; hence, you will need the best drivers to help you on your journey. And we are more than happy to comply. At Jayanti Travels we have the best drivers who know the roads very well which helps you reach your destination very safely. And with their knowledge, they can help you get out of any troublesome situations without any problems.
Notable places to visit in Zuluk

The Most Well Know Destinations In Zuluk:

  • Thambi Viewpoint
  • Kupup Lake
  • Lungthung
  • Tukia
  • Nathang Valley
  • Adi Baba Mandir
  • Menmecho lake

Best Times To Visit Zuluk

You can visit Zuluk in the summer or the Winter season because the natural vibrance of this place is at its peak during these times. Although you can also get the chance to explore the lush greeneries of the place in the rainy season, it is advised not to visit this place since you can face landslides.

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