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NJP to Darjeeling

Travel distance from NJP to Darjeeling- Darjeeling is situated at a distance 73.8 kilometers from NJP Railway Station and it takes approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes to by car.

Route by car- The route from NJP to Darjeeling is detailed below-

  • Towards the western side of NJP through NJP Road
  • Drive onto Burdwan Road towards 3rd Mahananda Bridge
  • Drive onto Noukaghat Road and turn left to arrive at Medical Road
  • Turn left to reach NH27
  • Drive towards Shiv Mandir onto NH27 and NH10
  • Turn left to arrive at Kurseong Road
  • Stay on Kurseong Road and Subhash Ghisingh Marg
  • Turn left towards NH110
  • Turn left to arrive at Darjeeling

What is the benefit of going by taxi?

A journey from Siliguri to Darjeeling is not only a journey; rather it is a process of exploring the amazing natural beauty. On the way, you get to explore the breathtaking view of the hills and discover the change of the landscapes. A trip to Darjeeling by taxi offers you benefits on the budget too.

Njp to Darjeeling Via Mirik Taxi Fare

Are you planning a holiday trip to Darjeeling? You can avail the taxi services offered by trusted tour and travel agencies in Siliguri like Jayanti Travels. We offer cabs and taxi services from Bagdogra Airport and NJP Railway Station.

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Transfer From Bagdogra/NJP to Darjeeling

  • 4 Pax Car - INR 2500
  • 8 Pax Sumo - INR 3000
  • 07 Pax Innova/Tavera - INR 3500
  • 24 Pax Coach - INR 6700

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Darjeeling to Njp Via Mirik Taxi Fare

The journey from Darjeeling to NJP via Mirik takes almost 4.5 hours covering almost an area of 115 kilometers. On the way, you can explore several mesmerizing tea gardens, breathtaking view points, small yet beautiful villages and Indo-Nepal with viewing point.

Jayanti Travels offers the best rates for Darjeeling to NJP via Mirik. You will never find a better and cheaper option.

Transfer From Darjeeling to NJP via Mirik

  • 4 Pax Car - INR 3200
  • 8 Pax Sumo - INR 4000
  • 07 Pax Innova/Tavera - INR 5500
  • 24 Pax Coach - INR 6700

Mirik Attractions & Sightseeing

The Mirik Lake

The Mirik Lake which is also known as the Sumendu Lake is the major attraction in Mirik. The Lake covers 1.25 km area and is full to the beam throughout the year. Situated at an elevation of 4,900 ft the lake is surrounded by a forest towards the western side. The most exciting part of this spot is that one can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Mount Kanchenjunga on a clear day.

Pashupati Nagar

Pashupati Nagar market is located at a distance of 15 km from Mirik. It is situated at the Indo-Nepal Border. It is famous for the availability of various perfumes, handicrafts, and clothes. Since it is situated at the Indo-Nepal Border strict restrictions are applied. Nepal shares half of the market with India. Due to its adjacent to the border people are checked strictly.

Orange Orchards

Mirik is visited by a lot of tourists all over the year and the orange Orchards are among the top reasons behind it. It is one of the most beautiful plantations spread all over the city. If one visits during the blooming season, then s/he can get the best look of Mirik with orange color all around the town.


Bunkulung is often considered to be a paradise for nature lovers. Surrounded by hills and rivers, it is a great place to spend hours far from the hustle and bustle of the city life. It is situated 15 kilometers away from Mirik. DGHC fisheries department declared it the model village in 2001. Take a dip in the chilled water of Balasun River and get refreshed.

Mirik Tea Gardens

Tea gardens in Mirik add a dose of beauty to its ambiance. One can see a valley full of tea bushes throughout the year in Mirik. Take a look at the workers plucking tea leaves and watering the gardens. Walk through the gardens and take pictures as the place proves to be a great photographic spot. Roam throughout the gardens without harming the bushes and spend some quality time.

Devi Stan

Fulfill your spiritual desires and get inner tranquility by visiting the Devi Stan temple in Mirik. It is among the most renowned temples in Mirik. Walk for a few minutes from the Sumendu Lake and you will reach to Devi Stan. Idols of Lord Shiva, Hanuman, Goddess Singla Devi and Goddess Kali can be found here. It is gradually gaining popularity as a tourist attraction and is alluring travelers for the past few years.

Why do you need to Hire Taxi with Jayanti Travels From NJP to Darjeeling

We understand your requirements and provide you taxi services according to your preferences. A journey with Jayanti is a great one every time you hire a cab or taxi:

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  • Check the peripherals whether the car is well maintained with all the necessary documents or not
  • Look for the driver’s experience, behavior and knowledge.

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